Greenhouses: Family, food and flowers (regional, too!).

Spring greenhouse ready for Bussiness.
Spring greenhouse ready for Bussiness.

As we’ve anxiously await warmer weather condition and the start of the planting season, I began taking a look at greenhouses around the Iron Range area. A lot of them are family operations of long period of time, some with second, third or 4th generations involved in ownership or operation.

A number of greenhouses are profiled in this week s Hometown Focus. Here’s a quick look at four other location wooden greenhouse that have been assisting the rest of us grow our gardens and fill our flower pots for many years.


CHISHOLM Val’s Greenhouse was a fixture in Chisholm for decades. Heidi (Amistadi) Nyhus, the youngest of the seven children of Romolo and Val Amistadi (owner of Val s Greenhouse) was 2-years old when the greenhouse opened. She is referred to as The Flower Child.

After 35 years, Val retired and the greenhouse was closed. Well, possibly not including ALL of the many greenhouses that consisted of Val s Greenhouse. Heidi s Greenhouse opened in the spring of 2005 with one greenhouse.

Her year begins on January 18, getting ready to be open for Administrative Professionals Day (previously known as National Secretary’s Day) in April. She will sell out by the end of June. She carries a range of flowers, veggies and herbs. Her hanging baskets (and everything else) looked remarkable this week.

Heidi recommends waiting up until Memorial Weekend to plant, however stated that waiting till mid-June is great too. She has actually seen that more people appear to be getting into planting possibly as an outcome of the economy being down with lots of choosing container planting or raised beds.

HEIDI’S GARDENING TIP: Remember to put the green side up and you’ll be all right, she said.


CHERRY/CHISHOLM Ron and Dianne Sikkila bought their home in Cherry (on Townline Road east of Hibbing) in 1974 and a small greenhouse was located on the property, which the couple operates to this day. Maturing their children and now their grandchildren all worked at the greenhouse.

In 2000 they added a 2nd location when they purchased a small Beier’s Greenhouse satellite business in Chisholm. In 2008 they totally reconstructed the Chisholm location of the Cherry Greenhouse. About 10 years back, Ron and Dianne s boy Jon ended up being the 3rd owner of business.

They aim to be a total garden center, providing anything a gardener may need, Ron informed me this week. And we just sell plants that are appropriate for the area.

The business s Cherry location stays open till mid-July each year, while the Chisholm location is open about a month longer. 136 into Chisholm which passes by the Chisholm Cherry Greenhouse.

Next year’s Phase II consists of developing a roundabout crossway where Hwy. 136 meets T.H. 73 a really short distance from the greenhouse.

RON’S GARDENING TIP: Don’t plant too early, he said. People get antsy to plant; however make the error of planting prior to the ground has warmed up. Now, he stated, the ground isn’t warm enough for many plants.


EVELETH Owners of Kunnari Greenhouse are Jack and Mariann Kunnari, who have actually owned the greenhouse since 2000. Business was previously K & B Greenhouse which was started in 1982. Updates and growth have actually come throughout Jack and Mariann’s ownership of the greenhouse.

Kunnari Greenhouse specializes mostly in annuals and baskets, but they likewise have veggie plants.

JACK S GARDENING TIP: Enjoy it, he stated. Don’t make it a task. One way to do that is to plant in phases.

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